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NorthWest K9's Zeus

PLACED -- Zeus graduates to advanced training and certification for Explosives Ordnance Detection with US Customs.
Photo courtesy Cameron Ford

Wilderness walk after a swim in the creek....
NorthWest K9's Zeus is a young Australian Cattle Dog ("Blue Heeler") 12 months of age, possessing striking good looks and a compact, muscular body exemplifying the standard and his working bloodlines. Hips/elbows clear.

Zeus is a superbly athletic and agile dog. He possesses superior intelligence, strong handler attentiveness, an eagerness to learn, and the resilience and determination that are hallmarks of the Cattle Dog breed.
Searching storage building for his ball...

Zeus searching for the ball in the holly and blackberry bushes in the rain....
Zeus is an extreme ball nut with pronounced drive for the hunt indoors and out. Tremendous play drive, with a physically demonstrative and affectionate nature.

Good to go on all manner of environmental heights and surfaces, including standing and moving water, slick floors, rubble, heavy brush, metal, fabric, polished concrete, etc.
Exploring the concrete rubble pile...

Hunting for his toy tossed into the blue spruce...
High energy and drive regardless of climactic conditions, wet or dry, demonstrated in temperatures from 25F to 98F.

His wilderness runaway master mantrailing shows outstanding trailing and hunt abilities, with a commitment to the find.
Zeus working a wilderness runaway...

Practicing "hup" on the obstacle course....
Showing facility to verbal commands sit, down, here, heel, crate/wait/come out, leave it, give, hup, jump up/jump down, tunnel, brings, aus, go find, look here and hand signals sit, down, here.

Zeus is a hardy, energetic, "can do" working dog beautifully suited for the handler experienced with training the high drive working or sporting dog, who seeks an exemplary partner for demanding performance training and service goals.
Resting after a successful mantrail find in the forest...

Preliminary Trait/Drive Summary

Rev. 07/24/02

Prey - - - - |
Play - - - - |
Food - - - - |
Trailing - - - - |
Hunt - - - - |
Retrieve - - - - |
Biddability - - - - |
Ball - - - - |
Tug - - - | -
Object Guarding - - | - -
Food Guarding - - | - -
Socialness - - - | -
Child friendly - - - | -
Ability to settle - - | - -
Dog friendly - - | - -
Suspicion - - | - -
Rebound/Resilience - - - - |
Handler Focus - - - - |
Independence - - | - -
Variable noise threshold - - - - |
Variable height threshold - - - - |
Variable surface threshold - - - - |
Agileness - - - - |
Athleticism - - - - |


This candidate has completed the following phases of NorthWest K9 Program Competency:

Basics Social Environ Travel Drive I Drive II Obed I Obed II Scentwork I Scentwork II Agility I Agility II


This candidate shows potential for advanced training in:

SAR Detection Competitive Sport Agility Flyball


This candidate is best suited for individuals with training and handling experience level:

Intermediate Advanced



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