Comments From Our Private Team Training Clients

Board and Train Student Bear
I am excited and grateful to have connected with you. Bear is doing very well. Incredibly content and under command! She brings tears to my eyes, she is so happy. You have built a strong foundation for us. . . Our lives are so calm and manageable and super joyful. She IS a different dog. Everyone comments on it! My Bearsitter just enjoys the heck out of her. . .

-- Traci and "Bear" of Walla Walla WA

Team Evaluation Students Harlie and Sonny
We had a breakthrough with Harlie yesterday. She heeled all the way to the corner store and back!!! Perfect heel!!! Didnít think it was even possible... We sat at the corners and crosswalks, and heeled all the way!!! It seemed really effortless once Harlie realized what I wanted her to do. Miracles happen thanks to you. ... Thank you so much, we had a great time with you and feel like we learned so much... you are not getting rid of us ever... Thanks again!

-- Zuz and "Harlie" and "Sonny" of Seattle WA

Accelerated Fast Track Student Kaos
Thanks so much for spending time with us! I had a blast letting you make me over! I learned some very good things today about my handling. I have a great dog with a mediocre handler. I hope to have a great dog with a solid handler. My husband enjoyed today and learned a lot, too. I will work at home and check in periodically, and I will return for more.

-- Kathleen and "Kaos" of Umatilla OR

Board and Train Student Baron
He is a wonderful German Shepherd. Our thanks and appreciation to you for taking the "devil" out of him at four months of age. He never fails to amaze us with his curiosity and focus. ...

-- Kelly and "Baron" of Poulsbo WA

Custom Training Student Sophie
I think there was a mix up yesterday. I'm sure I brought home the wrong dog last night. This dog is quiet, calm and well mannered ... What an amazing transformation!!!! Little Typhoon Sophie is growing up!

-- Karyn and "Sophie" of Duvall WA

Board and Train Student Maggie
I took Maggie to the Car Show yesterday, there was a big crowd. We walked through the entire show together, and Maggie heeled perfectly at my side the entire time. She paces herself exactly, whether I'm walking slow or fast, she's always right at my side. I think she got more attention than the classic cars; everyone wanted to say hello, and she would sit nicely when she met everyone. She doesn't jump up on people at all any more, never. She's doing great!

-- John and "Maggie" of Seattle WA

I was driving to work the other morning and up ahead I saw a senior gentleman walking on the Boulevard with his little dog perfectly heeling at his side. When I got closer I realized it was Dad and Maggie. Boy they looked great together, Maggie wasn't pulling him on the leash, she was being so obedient...

-- John's son Craig of Seattle WA

Custom Training Student Di Sarrono
I'm so excited to have found a trainer who really knows dogs and how they tick. My pup Di Sarrono has come a long way since we have started her training. I'm amazed how quickly we have worked her through her fear problems. Now she is learning to deal with it and get down to the job at hand. Because of her unique health problem and temperament problem, I'm always concerned about boarding her. But I had no problems boarding her with Moc. I have complete confidence with her skills as a trainer. And sure enough my little criminal minded pup came back to me with new found skills. I was so proud of Di Sarrono when she strutted her stuff at a supermarket and didn't break from her job. I've never been able to take her out anywhere without her stressing and freaking out. Now she handles being out and about like a pro. I would have never be able to achieve this without Moc's training abilities. Di Sarrono and I always look forward to our continuing education. I tell everybody about Moc.

-- Eilene and "Di Sarrono" of Graham WA

Custom Training Student Sophy
NorthWest K9 is the training answer for everyone. Your canine is provided with excellent and humane instruction by handlers who care. Both the needs of the owners and their pets are addressed and responded to with a positive approach. Each client receives thorough and fair direction through both the Private Training Program and the In-House Training Program. Either program is sure to meet your expectations. Sophy was enrolled in the In-House Training Program and as Sophy's temporary caretaker, I witnessed first-hand the remarkable results after her stay at NorthWest K9. Sophy was very distracted going in to board and train, and emerged focused and calm thanks to Moc, her stay at NorthWest K9, the suggested training tools, and of course the humane follow-up training lessons. Now Sophy and her owner have a more rewarding relationship. I have high praise for NorthWest K9! Why not turn you and your canine companion into successes?! Your dog will love his/her experience and you'll love the results!

-- Sheri and "Sophy"

Hi Moc,

Thanks again for transforming my girl, I can see real changes in her ... She has become our little angel around the house. She knows quiet and leave it much better and we are very amazed and happy. Thank you!

Linn and "Sophy" of University Place, WA

Custom Training Student Bruno
Having Moc for a trainer is having a new best friend for your dog. When we took Bruno to Moc for the first time he was 4 months old. He stayed with her for 1 week. In that time she not only trained him but nursed him back to health with round the clock feedings and helped us diagnose Bruno being over-wormed. She is a patient and caring teacher who not only teaches the dog but more importantly, teaches the owner how to be a trainer. Her techniques for shaping behavior and bonding with the animal are top rate. She uses animated body language and enthusiastic voice to communicate with the puppy and gets great results. Bruno is only 6 months now and we are constantly getting compliments about his exceptional behavior. We are sending Bruno back to Moc for additional training to build on what he has already learned. We have had 6 or so training sessions with Moc and Bruno has spent a total of two weeks as a guest at her house. If you want a trainer who will love your dog as much as you do, take him to Moc. You will both get a positive training experience for your dog with excellent results.

-- Scott and "Bruno" of Tukwila WA

Custom Training Student Ana
My husband and I first contacted Moc for help with our dog Ana when she was just over a year old. We thought we had been doing everything right with our dog. She came from an excellent breeder and had been enrolled in obedience classes since age 5 months at quality dog schools. We had worked long and hard with her from Puppy Class through Obedience III. She did know the basic commands, but lacked complete confidence in the real world. She was scared of all people outside of our family, meaning taking her anywhere or having people to our house caused her much stress. She mainly showed her stress with barking, growling, and shaking. All obedience was quickly forgotten, and we found we had a completely out of control dog. Ana first went to Moc for a two week environmental conditioning training. Those two weeks made a huge difference for Ana. Moc helped her use her obedience to feel more comfortable in the real world. During this time, thanks in a large part to Moc's vast knowledge of dogs, we discovered Ana had some neurological problems, which did lead to some physical limitations. Understanding these has helped us see the world through Ana's eyes and understand a bit better why she does certain things. I then began private lessons with Moc and Ana. We started right away on focus work and continued with basic obedience. Since the training is one on one, the sessions with Moc have proven to be more valuable than any previous classes. She knows Ana's strengths and weaknesses well and has used them to our benefit. People now visit and are amazed at the change in her. She recently enjoyed a play session with a one year old toddler in which she spent quite a bit of time being walked around the house on a toy leash. Ana was kind and gentle with this guest and excused herself to her rug in the other room when she had had enough. She can also head out in public and keep her focus on me, not the rest of the world. Thanks to Moc and lots of hard work, Ana is a much happier and more confident dog, and we are far happier dog owners!

-- Nan and "Ana" of Woodinville WA

Custom Training Student "D.O.G."
Our family was at wit's end with a very loving but unruly 2 year old lab mix named D.O.G. We had actually had a couple of conversations about giving him up for adoption, but we all loved him and I didn't want to set a bad example to my kids by giving D.O.G. away. Plus, we had the investment in vet fees, kennels, etc. to consider. We stumbled on Moc and Northwest K9 quite by accident on a family outing to the lake with D.O.G. Moc was there working with another dog and gave us a brochure to read. We went home, checked out the website, and called Moc back to set up a schedule to have D.O.G. go in for the 1 week "Jump Start" training course. After one week of training, none of us could believe the wonderful dog we got back. He was happy, tail wagging and obviously loved working with Moc and being a good boy for her. He was well cared for and his happy attitude showed us we'd made the right decision to use Northwest K9. Moc began showing us how to work with D.O.G. to maintain the level of obedience he'd gained while in her care. We had several follow up lessons and Moc was very attentive to addressing our needs. She even spent time with my wheelchair bound son, getting D.O.G. to work with him. The follow up lessons were easy to understand and D.O.G.'s compliance during and after the lessons was excellent. NorthWest K9 training met and exceeded our expectations. We now have a happy dog that listens and behaves both me and my children. It was well worth the expense and time. We just wish we'd found Northwest K9 sooner!!!!

-- Bruce and "D.O.G." of Enumclaw WA

Custom Training Student Sadie
Dear Moc:
Please accept this letter as my thanks for the time, energy and effort you have expended in training both Sadie and me. With your assistance, I am convinced we will soon be ready to go through the SchH BH trial, successfully. When Kathy and I returned from our vacation, I was overwhelmed with Sadie's progress. I'm sure that she could have gone through the BH trial. It was I who now needed the training. As I work with you, I am learning more and more and feeling more and more competent and comfortable. Thanks for your time, patience, and efforts.

David and "Sadie" of Bellevue, WA

Board and Train Student Bruno
I've really enjoyed working with Bruno since picking him up from you last week. My fears of him turning into a "Stepford Dog" were unfounded, as he still has all of his effervescent personality and exuberance! What I HAVE noticed is a pronounced sense of calm and mellowness in him most of the time. I work with him every day on the list of commands you left with me...

-- Susan and "Bruno" of Seattle WA

Board and Train Student Freya
Freya has been great! She is more confident and so am I. We have been practicing daily.... We are both thrilled that you were able to make her feel so joyful and not abandoned, Thank you so much.

-- Inga and "Freya" of Seattle WA

Custom Training Student Rutger
I was proud of Rootie today ... being with all those dogs. There is hope for this Rootie! :O) I thought there could be. That is why I wanted him to train. I think he is a great dog. Well thanks again for the fun time in the play pen with Rootie and the other furry funny's and all your kind words.

-- Stephanie and "Rutger" of Bellevue WA

Board and Train Student Karma
I never in my wildest imagination dreamed that my dog could be this obedient....

-- Gloria and "Karma" of Auburn WA

Custom Training and Board and Train Student Blitz
We want to thank you so much. Blitz just loves going with you. We just really want to thank you for taking such good care of him. We know you treat him as if he was your own.

-- Catey and "Blitz" of Sumner WA

Comments From Our Foundation Training and Placement Program Clients

NorthWest K9's Ike ("Jinx")
I apologize for the delay, but I have been extremely busy going from training session to training session throughout the area. "Jinx" has been absolutely phenomenal throughout training and is a state certified and accredited Narcotics Detection Dog. He is still getting used to his role, but has no problem in doing what we have trained him to do. He has already worked two weeks on the streets and has assisted not only our department, but other agencies who have requested us, in finding narcotics that could not have been located in such a short period of time by any man.

He is very well behaved and part of his training encompasses obedience, which he is very receptive to. My wife loves him and the department is very pleased with his performance thus far. I haven't yet had pictures of him in his police harness taken, but am scheduled to do so in the near future. He is a true success story.

Thank you again for providing us with such a determined and more than qualified canine for our department's K9 unit.

Officer Ty S., Kent WA

NorthWest K9's Riley
Dear Moc:

All is well. Oh my goodness, Riley is a such a charmer. So smart and so observant. And so much like my first Shepherd but without the rough edge around new people. And so beautiful ... I am right now feeling very very very very very very lucky. Thank you.

Kate M., Anacortes WA

NorthWest K9's Zeus
I am proud to say little old Zeus will be playing with towels and keeping our Cargo safe from Bombs. I have only had the little bugger for a couple days and he is AWESOME ... he is going to be in the first ever bomb school for US Customs, and with his winning personality he will draw a crowd every where he goes. Thank you for such a nice dog, he made me look good and that was not even the intention. So rest assured he is going to be treated well and have a very important job.

Cameron F., Miami FL

NorthWest K9's Quark ("Loki")
Loki's doing splendidly. He's been progressing as quickly in obedience and agility as you would expect, and bonding has gone even faster than I had hoped. He's already doing agility with a class with dogs who have been doing it for two years. I finally started him in harness last week and he's taking to it well. He's certainly not lacking for drive. .. Overall, I'm thrilled. ... I can't tell you how happy I am to be training a search dog again. ... My experience with NorthWest K9 was overall very positive. I was looking for an athletic, high-drive, smart dog and got just what I asked for (be careful what you ask for!). Seriously, Loki is my second SAR dog and I knew what I was looking for. Moc worked hard to make sure not only that I met her requirements, but that Loki would meet my needs and expectations as well. Her application process was exhaustive, but appropriately so. I am thrilled with Loki. I chose to take nearly four months to work on obedience (he had a good grounding in the basics when I got him), agility (he's working at the level of a group of dogs who have been working agility for over two years), and bonding (no worries there). He had already been well proofed to traffic, heavy equipment, children, ad nauseum. I started him in SAR work a couple of months ago and he's already reliably working two hour old trails across multiple surfaces. At this rate he should certify well ahead of the norm for our group. He's a methodical little worker and I have no doubt he'll do well with cadaver when we start next year. He's not a half bad foot warmer, either, as I sit here and write this. ...

Jon W., Seattle WA

NorthWest K9's Hesta
Dear Moc:

We took Hesta to our vet on Saturday. He thought she was so beautiful and in such good shape that he refused to charge us for the visit. She's a winner! She was out in the field with us baling hay tonight. The machines were roaring around and she didn't seem the least bit apprehensive. She greets everyone happily that comes over and loves other dogs and kids. She doesn't let Kirby get out of her sight when he is home. They are like two peas in a pod. We are part of her pack and she, ours. Thank you Moc. ...

Hesta continues to delight and surprise us. She is very loyal to her Kirby already. They go EVERYWHERE together. He got her a custom engraved dog tag yesterday. We have had many visitors around this past 10 days and she greets everyone with wagging tongue. Yet, she is protective if she hears a strange noise at night, she will bark as if to say, "This is my house and these are my people". Happy owners, Kirby & Angela

NorthWest K9's Fausto
Dear Moc:

It was just as I expected. My wife is as pleased with Fausto as I am. Her first statement was how beautiful he was. Thanks again as I am looking forward to many great adventures with Fausto in the future. ... I went to the vet first thing this morning. He passed with flying colors. The sarge saw him as did our DARE officer and secretary. All were impressed. The DARE officer wants to have him run in our Special Olympic Torch Run coming up in a few weeks. I can't believe how he is doing with the puppy tug. He is acting like he will be ready to start searching for baggies of marijuana in a a week or so. Things are running very smooth and looking forward to getting him into the training. ... He is doing great. He is working fast with his commands and I hope to start some formal training in a week or so. Thanks.

Deputy Seth J., Clinton UT

NorthWest K9's Jodl


Thought you would love to know that we had Jodl checked out by [our vet] and he says he's a great dog .... Great news! Thanks for the wonderful addition to our family.

Officer Doug K., Puyallup WA

SAR Puppy Freya
Hi Moc:

Just a word of thanks ... I believe Freya comes about as close as possible to the perfect GSD, for me anyway. She has all the drive I need, is confident in all situations, is extremely trainable and is beautiful to boot. What more could I ask for? ... everyone who meets Freya is overwhelmed including a highly respected trainer in eastern Maine. Once again, thanks for your help.

Jennifer F., ME

NorthWest K9's Bacchus
Hello Moc,
Two weeks ago Bach spent 4 days at the International Sportsman Expo at our new convention center in the south end of the valley. Part of this was a kids fair where they had to do several activities to get there passports stamped. There were 8,000 printed and we ran out before the four days were up. That translates to alot of dog hugs and hands on from the kids to Bach. The dogs were certainly the hit of the activity. ... Tomorrow we start a 4 day avalanche class. The instructors are coming in from Canada (Carda) and there are 15 teams coming in from out of state. ... Bach was in the puppy class (even though he was the biggest boy there) and had a great time. His longest track was about 300 yards where he found the instructor hiding in a tree well. ... Just got back from a rescue at 3 o'clock this morning. We had two overdue hikers. Both were killed in an avalanche. We found the first victim about 300 feet uphill from the toe with a boot sticking up. ... Bach is great to watch work, he scented his victim the other day from about 400 feet away with the wind and ran straight to him. ... He has been to most of the holiday parades here and is always the hit. ... Thanks again for the opportunity that I have of continuing to work a dog by having Bach come to Utah.

Deputy Craig C., Salt Lake City UT

NorthWest K9's Donitz
Dear Moc:

Very smooth trip, "the Man" did great. Donnie is a smart Thanks so much for everything... Donny is doing great, he's lovin life up here at 9000 ft. Thanks from Donny and me...

Bob H., Placerville CO

Police K9 Dugan
Dear Moc:

On behalf of the Oxford Town Council, Oxford Police Department, citizenry of Benton County, we wish to thank you for all the assistance you provided with our recent purchase from NorthWest K9.

I must admit, I was pretty skeptical at first of purchasing a dog over the Internet. It is very scary to purchase a working dog to begin with, not knowing how the dog will act or if the animal will perform. These days you just don't know who to believe or trust. There are a lot of companies that are out to make a quick buck and have little knowledge of the product they are selling, nor the regard for the satisfaction of the purchaser. It is very comforting to know that there are people and businesses out there like yourself and NorthWest K9, that go that extra step to assure the products they are selling are the best, for that alone you are to be commended.

As you know I have had Dugan for a little over a month now, and he is turning heads everywhere we go to train. I absolutely love to hear my trainer talk to other trainers about Dugan and his abilities. It is nothing to have numerous trainers come to training and do nothing more than stand and watch Dugan train, and talk about his possibilities.

Once again, thank you for providing Oxford Police Department, Benton County, and Indiana with such an excellent K9.

Timothy L. Piercy
Chief of Police
Oxford Police Department
Oxford, Indiana

May 5, 2001
The purchase I made from Moc was the best experience I could have ever dreamed of. I was very scared at first to buy a dog over the internet, But I sent her a Email and she promptly responded. In this Email I advised her that I was a green handler and wanted to purchase a dog to start a K9 program her in my home town. She highly recommended Dugan. She stated that he was a very fast learning dog, lots of energy, loved to please. She was 150% right. She is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to dogs, I have called her at home and asked her questions about different things and she answers without hesitation. She is a very honest person and if the animal has any difficulties in any area she tells you up front, and straight forward. As far as a replacement, yes I would purchase from Northwest again with out a thought. As a matter of fact, I just helped a friend of mine and a fellow police officer purchase a dog from her. She was very helpful in that purchase as well. Quality: I just Graduated from K9 academy with Dugan we finished on top of the class with a 98.6 average. I was the biggest reason we did not finish at 100 %. Dugan is the best behaved animal I have ever seen, the instructors could not believe how well he performed in all of the different area's of study. To date we have close to 450 finds in Narcotics "NO MISSES" and he has never failed on a track. To make a long story short, Moc is a very honest person, she runs a very honest business! She is a straight forward person if she foresees a problem she will tell you. You can trust what she tells you 150%. I still call her with questions and she will give me answers without thought to me that is a person that has the knowledge to run a honest business. You have nothing to fear when purchasing a dog from Northwest.

Police K9 Axel

Thank you so much for Axel . . . . He is a great dog and he and Mike are really beginning to create a wonderful bond. There will be many bad guys in the years to come that will not get away . . . .

Sgt. Carol M., Seattle WA

SAR Dog Dora
Dear Moc:

Everything is going absolutely perfectly, and Dora already seems to be the talk of the town. I walked her through the city this morning and almost every head turned. We are going to the fire station tomorrow so that I can familiarize her with some of the trucks she'll be riding in. I saw her 'food dance' for the first time this morning and it was simply hilarious and what an appetite she has too! . . .

Dora and I have been really busy training and of course playing :) Ms. Dora is doing wonderfully. I simply cannot find anything that Dora won't do either. Today I took her to a local playground and she climbed a set of steps that were at about an 80 degree angle, crawled through a long pipe, walked across a wobbly bridge and then went down the slide, all by herself. I have also been taking her on my fire and medical calls. She gets really excited now when my pager goes off and the sirens don't bother her a bit. I think she's on her way to becoming an adrenaline junky. Other than that, we've been getting into a regular training routine composed of her obedience commands and tracking. I took her to the local pet store today for a new collar and she was such a well behaved girl.

Jon Kempler
Waleska Community Fire and Rescue Department
Waleska, Georgia

Comments From Our Professional Associates

Police K9 Dugan and SAR Dog Dora
As a breeder I would normally never send a puppy off to a home that was going to take a puppy and then rehome it after some months. However, Moc and NorthWest K9 are not just any home. I have known and respected Moc for several years. After much deliberation we decided that both Dora and Dugan vom Bergweiler would remain with NWK9 for puppy rearing, foundation building, and molding into potential working dogs. I was able to see both pups when they were 5 months old and saw how happy and well started they were in their training at NorthWest K9. Both pups are now well on their way to their adult working careers which is every working German Shepherd Dog breeder's dream for their pups. I would highly recommend placing a pup with Moc. You will not have any fears of the pup being mistreated and can be confident it will receive proper vet care and nutrition. Also, Moc is as picky as I am about future homes for these dogs. She would never settle for a lesser placement, devoting the time and effort to finding the right lifetime match.


Annie Weiler
vom Bergweiler German Shepherd Dogs
Missoula, Montana

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