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NorthWest K9's Serge


NorthWest K9's Serge is a 2-year-old, dark gray sable German Shepherd male of Eastern European bloodlines. Highly animated and full of character, Serge is a whole lot of fun in training. He responds enthusiastically to positive training with praise, tug, food, and ball reward.

Darkly pigmented, with wonderful expression and ample head and bone, lean and well-muscled at 85 pounds. Hips/spine/patellas radiographed; full dentition to standard.

Serge shows himself an eager student, with facility to voice and hand commands sit/in motion/long sit, down/in motion/long down, here, speak and voice commands heel, leave it, crate, wait, come out, give, seek, watch it/take it, go find, hup, load up, jump up/jump down, walk it, break, show me, and 'gimme five'. (Click to see obedience photos.)

Serge is highly driven for tug-o-war. He's advanced to the hard intermediate tug and shows a firm grip, vigorous fight and strong commitment to win with neutrality to surface.

Eager to engage in play, Serge is a pushy young dog, lively and uninhibited in body contact and physical interaction with the handler. He's a biddable, companionable dog with high intelligence and ready trainability. Fully house and crate trained, he travels well in the vehicle. Showing effective property and handler guardianship, giving voice when warranted.

Trailing over a log on a wilderness runaway mantrail...
Foundation footstep tracking with arcing turns on sod, grass, and snow in daytime/nighttime demonstrates a methodical, determined nose and problem-solving abilities. He's a self-propelled brush buster in master and stranger runaway mantrailing exercises in wilderness environments, showing strong tracking and trailing skills with a commitment to working problems for a successful find.

Serge is a confident young dog with a nicely balanced temperament, eagerness to please, demonstrative character, and strong focus on the handler. Not handler hard. His youthful enthusiasm and physical strength are best matched with the handler experienced with training a lively, driven young working lines male.

Trait/Drive Summary

Rev. 12/05/02

Prey - - - | -
Pack - - - - |
Play - - - - |
Food - - - | -
Scent - - - | -
Hunt - - - | -
Retrieve - - - | -
Biddability - - - | -
Toy/Ball - - - | -
Tug - - - - |
Object Guarding - - | - -
Food Guarding - | - - -
Socialness - - - | -
Child friendly - - - | -
Ability to settle - - - | -
Dog friendly - - - | -
Suspicion - - - | -
Territoriality - - - | -
Rebound/Resilience - - - - |
Handler Focus - - - | -
Independence - - - | -
Variable noise threshold - - - - |
Variable height threshold - - - - |
Variable surface threshold - - - - |
Agileness - - - | -
Athleticism - - - - |


This candidate has completed the following phases of NorthWest K9 Program Competency:

Basics Social Environ Travel Drive I Drive II Obed I Obed II Track I Track II Agility I Agility II


This candidate shows potential for advanced training in:

SAR (U/W/D) Sport Competitive Obed/Agility


This candidate is best suited for individuals with training and handling experience level:

Intermediate Advanced



NorthWest K9 considers placement with handlers who have submitted a K9 Search Request.

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