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NorthWest K9's Riley


Riley is a three-year-old German Shepherd Dog of Eastern European working type and substance. A very masculine, large-boned dog of 86 pounds and a dark gray sable stock coat. Hip/elbow/spine radiographed; full dentition to standard.

Riley possesses pronounced play drive, and is a ball and toy nut and enthusiastic retriever. He responds beautifully to ball reward. He's highly biddable and eager to please, and overall companionable and highly trainable dog. This handsome dog possesses a well-balanced, sound temperament with high energy and enthusiasm for play and training. Fully conditioned environmentally and socially. Advanced tracking and trailing training, and advanced obedience at distance and duration including commands sit, down, heel, come, fetch, give, leave it, crate/wait/come out, watch it, speak, quiet, including recall.

Fully crate-trained, Riley travels beautifully in the car and displays a ready adaptability to new environments. He's at ease in the home, kennel, crate and vehicle; an easy keeper in the home, with excellent house manners. Quick to settle in for quiet companionship with the handler when required. Raised with, and excellent with, children. Riley is highly affectionate and expressive with the handler, showing toward strangers the breed reserve. He possesses suspicion to breed standard and is an alert guardian of handler, home, property and vehicle.

Riley is a fun dog to train and handle, and to play and live with; Riley will make an excellent team mate for the handler experienced with the working lines German Shepherd Dog who desires the biddable and companionable partner.

Current Status Summary
Rev. 09/28/02

Prey - - - | -
Pack - - - - |
Play - - - - |
Food - - | - -
Scent - - - - |
Hunt - - - | -
Retrieve - - - - |
Biddability - - - - |
Ball/Toy - - - - |
Tug - - - | -
Socialness - - - | -
Ability to settle - - - | -
Dog friendly - - - | -
Child friendly - - - - |
Suspicion - - - | -
Territoriality - - - | -
Rebound after correction - - - | -
Hardness - - | - -
Independence - - | - -
Variable noise threshold - - - - |
Variable height threshold - - - - |
Variable surface threshold - - - - |
Agileness - - - | -
Athleticism - - - - |


This candidate has achieved advanced competency in:

Basics Social Environ Travel Drive I Drive II Obed I Obed II Scentwork I Scentwork II Mantrailing Agility I Agility II


This candidate shows potential for specialized training in:

Detection SAR (W/U/D) Service/Assistance Recreational Sport


This candidate is suited for individuals with training and handling experience level:

Beginning Intermediate Advanced



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