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NorthWest K9's Tess --PLACED--
Tess (OFA Good Hips/Elbows Clear at 19 months; microchipped) -- An impressive black lang stockhaar coat German Shepherd female. Her pedigree demonstrates the finest old East German (DDR) and Czech working bloodlines.

Tess is highly eager to please, with an ideal working temperament. She has no sound, tactile, obstacle, people, or animal shyness. She has high ball drive, and is a natural footstep-to-footstep tracker and an athletic master of the obstacle course.

Tess is a demonstrably affectionate dog who loves to be with her people sharing any activity. She is at ease and confident in any environment from city to farm to forest wilderness. She exhibits discriminating guardianship of handler, home, and property. She has excellent house manners and is equally comfortable in kennel or crate. She is a dog who loves to go anywhere, any time and travels beautifully.

She displays an enthusiastic focus and is a quick study who obviously enjoys learning. Tess is trained to SchH1 performance obedience, and is solid in sit, long sit, and sit in motion; down, long down, and down in motion; standing stay and stand in motion; heel; recall; and send-out with down. She retrieves on the flat and over the hurdle and wall. Her functional obedience includes such, fetch, give, bring, leave it, crate, kennel up, lay down, wait, back up, speak, directed jumping, and more. Many of her in-motion exercises and distance exercises are operative to both voice and hand commands.

Tess is nuts for retrieving, and loves the obstacle course. She is doing FH-level three- to four-hundred yard tracks of strangers on variable terrain with several pieces of evidence. She has been introduced to wilderness man search and demonstrates a natural facility for transitioning between ground and air scenting and a deeply committed work ethic that takes her to source regardless of obstacles, distractions, or terrain.

Tess enjoys excellent health, with flawless dentition and OFA Good Hips/Elbows clear at 19 months. She is a powerfully athletic, muscular dog with impressive agility and grace. She is fed a diet of raw food supplemented with premium kibble producing excellent coat and skin condition.

Tess is a super candidate for SAR, detection, assistance, and other careers of service requiring an outstanding working temperament combined with biddability, athleticism, and physical strength. She will excel in an opportunity to contribute to the team working in challenging environments demanding superior work ethic and endurance 24/7.

PHOTO GALLERY of Tess (click on thumbnail image to view full-size photo).

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