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NorthWest K9 founder and head trainer Moc Klinkam
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Welcome to NorthWest K9!

I'm Moc Klinkam, the founder and Training Director at NorthWest K9 in beautiful Enumclaw, Washington. NorthWest K9 is a custom training program providing personalized team training for dogs and their owners. NorthWest K9 also acquires, trains, and places select puppies and dogs in careers of working service.

I've owned German Shepherd Dogs for almost 30 years, first participating in competitive Schutzhund training and titling of my personal dogs in 1992. My lifelong love and deep respect for the German Shepherd Dog fuel my enthusiasm for the challenges and adventures of training dogs of all breeds.
Titus SchH3, one of Moc's personal dogs
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Moc's Blitzi Bh with Titus SchH3
Copyright 1999 Moc Klinkam
My educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Communications, with my early career emphasis on freelance writing and business marketing communications consulting services. In 1996 I launched the pioneering working and sporting dog online magazine Working Dogs Cyberzine and remained owner/publisher until 2000. Over the years I have provided online media coverage for a variety of national and international working and sporting dog events, and designed and created content for a number of web sites promoting working and sporting dogs.

I started NorthWest K9 in 1998 and as its Training Director, I personally train all of the client-owned dogs enrolled in the NorthWest K9 Custom Dog Training Program in obedience, tracking, and agility skills. As an active participant in regional German Shepherd Dog breed rescue, I work with shelters, breed rescue groups, and private owners to provide temperament evaluations and training plans to help facilitate successful lifetime placements. My lifelong love of the dog as a truly remarkable creature and as an extraordinary companion and working partner, and the deeply gratifying experience of learning a little more about dogs each day by helping others to understand and train their own dogs, inspire the growing collection of training and breed stewardship articles I've authored. Mica v Hawvik, my DDR sable girl
Moc's sable pocket rocket "Mica"
Copyright 1999 Moc Klinkam

Moc's boy "Fluffy"
Copyright 2003 Moc Klinkam
I also personally train the German Shepherd Dogs and Australian Cattle Dogs that graduate from the NorthWest K9 Foundation Training Program to serve in careers of service. As the sole manager of all program activities, I acquire, handle, and train each dog as if it were my own. My passion for the working dog shows in the character and working ethic of the NorthWest K9 graduates matched with their lifetime teammates.

My professional time is devoted to custom dog training and authoring educational articles for our online dog training portal MyDogTrainer. My personal commitment to the German Shepherd Dog breed includes my own three working lines German Shepherd Dogs, the publication of the NorthWest K9 sister sites East German Shepherd Central and the German Shepherd Rescue Network, and related activities on behalf of breed rescue. Click to view full size image of Mica's Schutzhund-style fuss
Moc and Mica in motion

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