NWK9 Program Graduates: NorthWest K9's Eli

--PLACED-- Eli graduated to advanced training for Police K9 in Michigan.

NorthWest K9's Eli is a highly agile black and tan youngster whelped March 2, 2000; strong working bloodlines, with USA and international FH Championship sire. OFA Good preliminary hip rating, microchipped.

A confidently social boy demonstrating high prey and ball drive and a full-out love for tug play. Eli's keen intelligence and surface/tactile/height/sound indifference round out his "go-anywhere, do-anything" personality. A serious pursuit in prey games and his focused obedience during motivational training generate high energy during our training sessions. Gregariously affectionate with his people, Eli is a naturally protective and impressive guardian of person, home, and property. Not dog-aggressive, he interacts confidently in social environments.

Eli demonstrated a resilience and an ability to rebound from an early age. This has evolved to a purposeful determination and commitment to the task at hand. In balance with pronounced instinctual prey and defense drives, Eli is eager to interact fully with the handler and, as the situation demands, participate full-out in activities or remain calm at your side. Although physically tough and durable, Eli is handler responsive and eager to please. His overall temperament tends to the sharp and he is well-suited for the handler experienced with the highly intelligent, fast learner with pronounced drives overall.

Eli's foundation ground tracking on turf, grass, and in the woods confirm the strength of his genetics and forecast a most promising future. His directed movement and search skills are exemplary. Eli delivers obedience with focus and enthusiasm, continuing to develop his proficiency in basic obedience including setz, platz, hier, hopp, gib laut, aus, plus such functional commands as crate, car, kennel, leave it, pfui, jump up, jump down, shush, brush, teeth, wait, and more.

Eli has been exposed to a variety of everyday environments and some unusual ones, including public transportation, retail stores, heavy land-moving machinery and farm equipment, amusement park, fire and police stations, domestic pets and livestock, children in active play, warehouses, airport, water sports and swimming, ball games, bodies of water with bridges and docks, high-traffic parks and trails, skateboard park, loading docks, obnoxious drunks, fireworks display, street fair, busy urban traffic intersections, and more.

OFA Good preliminary hip rating. Eli enjoys excellent health, with a beautiful stock coat of excellent black and red pigmentation. He is fed a diet of premium kibble with raw foods supplementation.

Eli is beautifully suited for Police K9, Personal Protection, competitive Schutzhund, and Ring sports -- any working career or competitive sport demanding pronounced drives and a tenacious willingness to engage.

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