NWK9 Program Graduates: Police K9 Dugan

Dugan --PLACED-- (OFA Good Preliminary Hips #786851; microchipped) whelped January 26, 2000. -- A substantial, large-boned black and red boy. While in our Foundation Program, Dugan demonstrated outstanding potential for Police K9 and Search and Rescue. He graduated in August 2000 to advanced training for his new career as a Police K9 in Indiana.
Dugan has developed into a very close buddy. I don't know how to put it in words how it feels to go to training with him and have everyone there making a fuss over Dugan. I have other people telling the trainers if I only had a dog that would do the things Dugan will do -- very nice feeling. Yesterday we were called out to assist in locating a man that had left a note to his wife and kids telling him how he was sorry for failing in life and he was sorry for what he was going to do. We found that he had taken a firearm with him and left on foot. I got there and determined where the guy started from, and Dugan tracked him to the neighbors barn where we found him. He was alive but he had shot himself. We got an ambulance there and as of 12:00PM today he is in intensive care . . . I have a true hero living with me. Once again I want to thank you so much for sending me such a buddy, and a very good partner. Dugan is opening eyes wherever we go; everybody loves him. And the nice thing is -- he loves them back.
-- Police K9 Dugan's Handler, Police Chief Tim Piercy; 10/25/00

With abundant energy and focus, Duggie possesses great presence and demonstrates a natural facility for learning with enthusiastic attentiveness. He delivers especially impressive, driven obedience. This boy is keen for the tug and ball, with a pronounced food drive. Dugan has been exposed to a variety of everyday environments and some unusual ones, including retail stores, heavy land-moving machinery and farm equipment, amusement park, domestic pets and livestock, fireworks display, children in active play, bodies of water with bridges and docks, high-traffic parks and trails, loading docks, water sports and swimming, busy urban traffic intersections, and more. Not dog-aggressive, Dugan interacts socially with other dogs with the same confidence and assurance he brings to his encounters with children and adults. Very high energy with an enthusiastic approach to training and social interactions, Dugan demonstrates a sound balance of prey and defense drives.

Proving himself an enthusiastic student for new learning, Dugan is building proficiency in his basic obedience including setz, platz, hier, steh, fuss -- including the long down, sit in motion, down in motion, and stylized Schutzhund turn -- plus such functional commands as crate, car, kennel, leave it, pfui, shush, wait, and more. He demonstrates a naturally deep nose and mental intensity for footstep ground tracking. He is currently refining his motivational retrieves and Schutzhund-style heeling.

Dugan enjoys robust health with a deeply pigmented black and red stock coat. His adult dentition is superior. He was recently evaluated OFA Preliminary Good Hips. Dugan displays a powerful grace in movement. He is presently on a diet of premium kibble supplemented with raw foods.

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