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Thank you for your interest in contacting NorthWest K9. We are not offering canine training or sales in the Pacific Northwest.

To better assist you in your information search, please find below some helpful tips and links to online resources that may quickly answer your question.

Helpful Links and Resources

NorthWest K9 is not offering dog training lessons. If you are searching for dog training resources, please visit the Dog Training Portal where you'll find links to dog training resources.

For all other inquiries not related to NorthWest K9 team training, please follow the helpful informational links provided below :

BOOKS AND VIDEOS: Please visit our Book Store to find books and videos of interest to dog owners, trainers, and competition handlers. NorthWest K9 is an affiliate of Dogwise and Amazon, online retailers that process all orders, sales, and shipping.

GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE: If you are seeking to re-home or adopt a companion German Shepherd Dog or Australian Cattle Dog, please see the National Breed Rescue Directory page for links to regional breed rescue organizations that can assist you.

GENERAL INFORMATION: May we refer you to the NorthWest K9 Reading Room where we've published an archive of helpful canine training, maintenance, and health care articles.

REPRINTING ARTICLES: You are free to link to, but may not reproduce copyright materials on this website.

VETERINARY CARE / HEALTH ISSUES: If you have a question about your dog's health or veterinary care, please consult with your own veterinarian. NorthWest K9 is unable to answer emails inquiring about veterinary care or health issues.



Email inquiries not related to canine training or sales may be addressed to inquiry0407 at this domain.

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