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NorthWest K9's Bacchus

PLACED -- Bach graduates to his lifetime career in K9 SAR serving in urban and wilderness SAR, avalanche rescue, K9 patrol, and special task force activities in Utah.


NorthWest K9's Bacchus (call name "Bach") is a confident 16-month old male German Shepherd dog of predominantly West German working bloodlines. Bach demonstrates strong, balanced drives in all disciplines. He bonded quickly to his handler and is a discriminating guardian of person, home, and property. Bach has graduated to a new career in K9 SAR where he will serve in urban and wilderness SAR, avalanche rescue, K9 patrol, and special task force activities.

Not dog-aggressive, Bach interacts confidently in social environments with a discerning reserve toward strangers. He's a nut for the ball, toy, and tug, and possesses a high food drive. Undisturbed by varying surfaces, heights, and sounds, he consistently displays solid temperament, adaptability, and well-rounded utility to the working standard. He travels beautifully on the road and via aircraft, striding out of his crate upon arrival and navigating SeaTac International Airport with an "I own this place" attitude. Very nice!

Training Status

Bach has started foundation ground tracking on dirt and grass and shows himself to be a scentwork natural. His obedience is focused, intense, and quickly responsive to both voice and hand signal. Bach continues to develop his proficiency in basic obedience including sit, down, here, heel, crate, wait, watch it, take it, out, and more. His early agility training demonstrates athleticism with a quickness and nimbleness backed by raw physical strength.

Bach's socialization program includes a variety of stimulating and challenging environments including public transportation, retail stores, heavy land-moving machinery and farm equipment, amusement park, fire and police stations, domestic pets and livestock, children in active play, warehouses, airport, water sports and swimming, ball games, bodies of water with bridges and docks, high-traffic parks and trails, skateboard park, loading docks, gunfire, busy urban traffic, and more. He adapted seamlessly to kennel, crate, and family home environment.


Bach is a high-energy, physically strong and substantial young male of 85 pounds with large bone, deep black and red pigment, a beautiful close stock coat, and full dentition. Neutered at 14+ months of age, he demonstrates fully masculinized behaviors. He is fed a diet of premium kibble with raw foods producing excellent coat and skin condition.


Bach demonstrates strong potential for Police K9, SAR, Personal Protection -- a service career demanding pronounced, balanced drives, sound temperament, strong problem solving skills, and a keen responsiveness to his handler and an intense focus to the task at hand.

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