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Bracara vom Haus Johann Dale


Bracara vom Haus Johann Dale

Gender: Female
Coat: Stock
Color: Black & Tan
DOB: 03/28/05
Pedigree: German/DDR working

Beautiful Bracara is a nicely pigmented Black and Tan with wonderful expression and spark. A gregariously social and energetic girl, Bracara is environmentally confident and adventuresome with abundant play and interaction. She performs impressively on her wilderness master runaways with outstanding drive for the hunt and find. Very high social, pack, and play drives. Very nicely balanced drives, traits, and character overall. Athletic and sure-footed, Bracara demonstrates working type with very nice bone and physical substance and strength balanced with unmistakably feminine characteristics. Bracara is showing especially strongly for potential SAR training and service. Preliminary hip radiographs clear.

Bracara was personally raised since birth in the home setting by NorthWest K9 Training Director Moc Klinkam. A program of early neurological stimulation has been applied since birth to enhance olfactory, tactile, visual, and aural development. She is currently in training in the Foundation Training Program with social and environmental conditioning to an age-appropriate level; started on positive behavioral shaping with special emphasis on scentwork, and foundation obedience, housebreaking, and crate training started. Vaccinations/worming current. Our Puppy Purchase Agreement details the health, temperament, and hip guarantees or warranties available at time of purchase and placement.


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Prey - - - |
Pack - - - |
Play - - - |+
Food - - - |+
Scent Behaviors - - - |
Biddability - - - |
Toy/Ball - - - |
Socialness - - - |+
Rebound/Resilience - - - |
Handler Focus - - - |
Independence - - - |
Variable noise threshold - - - |
Variable height threshold - - - |
Variable surface threshold - - - |
Agileness - - - |


This candidate has completed the following phases of NorthWest K9 Foundation Training Program Competency:

Puppy Basics Social Environ Travel Drive Intro Drive I Drive II Obed Intro Obed I Obed II Track Intro Track I Track II Agility Intro Agility I Agility II


Bracara is demonstrating potential for future:

SAR Detection Competitive Sport/Obed Companion


This candidate demonstrates drive and temperament characteristics that would be best matched with people with training and GSD experience level:

  • A bona fide SAR working handler seeking a service candidate for formal unit training, certification and deployment.
  • A person seeking a candidate for competitive Schutzhund sport or other formal competition training and performance.
  • A person who is specifically seeking a highly intelligent and energetic working lines dog for an active lifestyle, and who is committed to ongoing training and regular recreational activities with their dog.


At 10 weeks:

Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3 | Photo 4 | Photo 5 | Photo 6 | Photo 7 | Photo 8 | Photo 9 |

At 8 weeks:

Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3 | Photo 4 | Photo 5 | Photo 6 | Photo 7 | Photo 8 | Photo 9


Please see the pedigree page including Dam and Sire pedigrees, trait/drive assessments, and photo galleries.


Bracara is sold.

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