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German Shepherd Breeders

Keller the Double Merle Doesn't Let Being Deaf Keep Her Off the Agility Course
In a lot of ways, Keller is your typical Australian Shepherd. She's active, intelligent and ready for any challenge that comes her way. She has a winning personality, but lost the genetic lottery. A victim of irresponsible breeding, Keller is what's ...

The Times (subscription)

Vets swoop on 'cruel owl cat breeders' | News | The Times & The ...
The Times (subscription)
The owl-like appearance of the floppy-eared Scottish fold cat has endeared it to celebrities such as Taylor Swift and her friend Ed Sheeran. But the gene ...

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Why I Bought a Puppy From a Breeder Instead of Adopting From a Rescue or Shelter
The two dogs I brought home before Sirius are/were rescues: Charlotte, my shepherd whose reactivity I have written about, and a behaviorally challenged Border Collie mix named Cosmo who passed away about 10 years ago. My 14-year-old Chihuahua mix, ...

Chicago Daily Herald

Nine rare Irish puppies born just in time for St. Patrick's Day
Chicago Daily Herald
Staking her claim, Seanchai joined the couple's Australian shepherd. Their canine family expanded in 2014, with the addition of Homer's nephew Oscar. Oscar, America's top Glen of Imaal terrier in 2016, was followed by the female Rua, who is almost 2.

Crufts clamps down on 'deformed' dogs after outcry over last year's best in breed
Fearing that if the problems escalated they would damage the reputation of pedigree dog breeders, the Kennel Club set up a German Shepherd Dog review group to oversee the health and welfare of pedigree dogs generally “and KC-licensed shows ...

Around the Region for March 24
Martinsburg Journal
SHEPHERDSTOWN — Members of the public are invited to help the Shepherd Environmental Organization plant trees at 10 a.m. April 1, near the soccer field on Shepherd University's west campus. The group plans to plant 24 evergreens that will provide a ...

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The Advocate

Breeders attend Louisiana Junior Angus Association Banquet
The Advocate
Louisiana Angus breeders attended the 2017 Louisiana Junior Angus Association Banquet in Gonzales on Feb. 16. Chosen to serve on the Louisiana Angus Association board of directors are, officers seated from left, Austin Purpera, Plaquemine, shadow ...

Bills to ax greyhound funding move to House, Senate floors
Shepherdstown Chronicle
Separate bills that passed the House and Senate finance committees on Wednesday would end the West Virginia Racing Commission's Greyhound Breeding Development Fund. The bills would transfer $15 million in anticipated payouts to dog breeders for ...

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WSB Atlanta

Scam targets people looking to buy dogs online
WSB Atlanta
"She drove five hours from Tennessee and she's basically saying that someone by the name of Peter made arrangements for her to pick up a shepherd puppy, and this was the address (he) gave her," Gayle said. Gayle said she's not a breeder and her home ...

Post South

Young breeders attend 2017 Louisiana Junior Angus Association ...
Post South
Louisiana Angus breeders recently attended the 2017 Louisiana Junior Angus Association Annual Banquet, held Thursday, February 16, 2017 in Gonzales, ...

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