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NorthWest K9's Frenke


NorthWest K9's Frenke is a medium large, tightly coupled and darkly pigmented 2-year-old male of 75 pounds. With outstanding temperament and character, Frenke is a bright, confident, self-right dog with ready rebound. An energetic, agile, and biddable young dog bringing super play drive and enthusiasm to the training.

Physically pushy and mouthy; highly driven in foundation tug work, firing up quickly and giving voice readily.

A natural retriever. Facility to commands sit, down, heel, crate, wait, come out, leave it, brings, give, watch it/take it, go find. Responds enthusiastically to ball, tug, food, and praise reward.

Foundation Schutzhund-style footstep tracking with arcing turns on grass shows a methodical approach to the track with natural nose-down tracking. Wilderness master mantrailing demonstrates pronounced hunt and a highly driven commitment to the find with ground tracking and trailing predominant.

Neutral to all manner of surfaces and heights. Gunsureness tested. A natural in water, including retrieve in water. House and crate trained; good in the kennel; travels well.

High octane in the training, yet settles readily when required. A highly companionable, lively dog showing promising potential for service training and performance with the working handler experienced with a very drivey, energetic young male. Neutered; dentition to standard; vaccinations current; microchipped; health guarantee.

Preliminary Trait/Drive Summary

Rev. 11/14/02

Prey - - - | -
Play - - - - |
Food - - - | -
Hunt - - - - |
Biddability - - - | -
Ball/Toy - - - | -
Tug - - - - |
Socialness - - - | -
Ability to settle - - - | -
Dog friendly - - | - -
Suspicion - - - | -
Territoriality - - - | -
Object Guarding - - - | -
Rebound/Resilience - - - - |
Handler Focus - - - | -
Independence - - - | -
Variable noise threshold - - - - |
Variable height threshold - - - - |
Variable surface threshold - - - - |
Agileness - - - - |
Athleticism - - - - |


This candidate has completed the following phases of NorthWest K9 Program Competency:

Basics Social Environ Travel Drive I Drive II Obed I Obed II Scentwork I Scentwork II Agility I Agility II


This candidate shows potential for advanced training in:

Police K9 Patrol SAR (U/D) Sport


This candidate is best suited for individuals with training and handling experience level:

Beginning Intermediate Advanced



NorthWest K9 considers placement with parties who have submitted a K9 Search Request.

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