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Dickson Community Helps Disabled Man Keep Companion Dog
A severely disabled man was prepared to surrender a dog he recently rescued from the street after receiving a letter that said he's need to pay a $300 pet deposit. "He said he needs a $300 deposit and he's disabled, they're in section 8 housing, and ...

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Zoos Are Pairing Nervous Cheetahs With Support Dogs And It's Adorable
... weight because its mother wasn't producing enough milk to feed her litter. Once Kumbali was cared for and brought back to health, his family rejected him, but the anxious cat, very social by nature, still needed a friend. That's where Kago, a ...

The Manual (blog)

Looking for a Canine Cardio Companion? Here are the Best Dog Breeds for Runners
The Manual (blog)
Say goodbye to the days of man's best friend, and hello to man's best running mate. If you live, breathe, and sleep the active lifestyle, it may become difficult to take care of a dog if you're not home all the time. However, many dogs were bred to run ...

Spokane boy with Tourette syndrome searches for lost companion dog
Copper is a small Chihuahua mix dog that is a companion animal for 12-year-old Jordan, who has ADHD and Tourette syndrome. The dog got out of their fenced yard near Maple and Glass on Thursday morning. “He's distraught,” said Stacey Sapier, Jordan's ...

Cerebral Palsy News Today

Cerebral Palsy Teen's Assistance Dog, Scout, Wins Canine Companion for Independence Award
Cerebral Palsy News Today
Scout, the companion dog of a 17-year-old boy with cerebral palsy (CP), has won recognition as “Assistance Dog of the Year” in a contest organized by Hill's Pet Nutrition. Scout's owner is Duncan Cumby of Stephenville, Texas. His family received the ...

Discover Magazine (blog)

Dogs Notice When People (or Other Dogs) Sound Sad
Discover Magazine (blog)
Your dog may act like a good listener—but does she really notice when you're feeling down? Or does she just know how to deploy a wet nose and a tail-wag to earn treats? A new study says negative emotions are contagious for dogs. They'll pick up a ...

Bradenton Herald

Wounded warriors offered fee-free pet adoptions | Bradenton Herald
Bradenton Herald
Which makes the 3-year-old pit bull-Aussie mix a perfect companion animal for LaVonne Bower to take with her when she is visiting wounded veterans.

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Miami Herald

This 3-legged dog comes to the rescue of wounded veterans
Miami Herald
Friendly, inquisitive and sweet, Oz hardly knows a stranger. Which makes the 3-year-old pit bull-Aussie mix a perfect companion animal for LaVonne Bower to take with her when she is visiting wounded veterans. One other thing: Oz is a three-legged ...


Problem Solved: Companion dog gets returned to girl with autism
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- The fight for a West Michigan family trying to get their daughter's companion dog back is finally over. Amanda Kolk said Lilly has nonverbal autism. So they got her Xena as a companion dog when the pup was 6 weeks old. But Xena ...

WTSP 10 News

Home Alone: TV channel entertains dogs
WTSP 10 News
Dogs can watch other dogs frolicking through a corn field, playing at the beach, or napping to relaxing music. “He just sits there and watches it. I think it's seeing other animals on the screen, and he is just mesmerized by it,” says dog owner Shelley ...

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