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Private training lessons customized for you and your dog, from single lessons to our intensive 3-day private seminar.
Jump Start Board and Train
Jump Start Board and Train
Frequently Asked Questions about NorthWest K9 Training.
Enroll in custom dog training lessons at our Enumclaw dog training school.

Private training student "Rutger" demonstrates his intense focus during training for his Schutzhund Bh. His handler has learned how to apply positive training to generate lively, enthusiastic obedience.

Jump Start Board and Train graduate "Bela" demonstrates her long down on variable surface/height.

18-month-old "Titan" demonstrates his lively Schutzhund-style heeling during Custom Team Training for his Schutzhund Bh. Titan is progressing quickly under his owner's skillful handling toward their team goal of Schutzhund sport competition and titling.

Custom Training student "TJ" demonstrates his obedience under significant distraction. A mature German Shepherd Dog with a history of being bounced in and out of shelter and multiple home placements, newly adopted TJ and his owner came to NorthWest K9 with some unique challenges. Priority behavioral challenges included lifelong behaviors of over-reacting to other dogs and to loud engines. TJ and his handler have achieved great success in their team training; here he's demonstrating his calm long down in the midst of heavy vehicular traffic.


In addition to our traditional private dog training lessons at our Enumclaw, Washington dog training school, NorthWest K9 also offers the uniquely convenient online dog training program through our affiliate site

If you live outside the Puget Sound Region and may not be able to accommodate in-person training at our dog training school in Enumclaw, Washington, or if you need immediate behavioral consultation or prefer a more independent approach with your own obedience training in the comfort and convenience of your own home wherever you live, our online dog and puppy training site offers Online Dog Training and distance learning dog behavior and training consultations via telephone.

When you enroll for online dog training on, your enrollment includes a 30-minute Distance Learning private dog training telephone consultation with NorthWest K9 Training Director Moc Klinkam. Your Distance Training phone consultation in the comfort and convenience of your own home can assist you with basic behavioral and training issues, including breed characteristics, evaluation and selection, and all-breed puppy basics, socialization and environmental conditioning, housetraining, crate training, puppy mouthing/biting, selection and use of training equipment, drive fundamentals, introduction to operant conditioning and behavioral shaping, separation anxiety, barking, chewing, introducing a new dog, and many other topics that can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming for the novice dog owner in need of immediate assistance.

Your private telephone consultation is supplemented with the comprehensive online dog training articles and tutorials available on

Please visit our online dog training portal at to learn more about our online dog training program and associated dog behavior and training telephone consultations.

If you have an urgent concern about your dog's health, diet, or sudden onset changes in behavior, please consult with your veterinarian today.

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