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NorthWest K9's Cassius

PLACED -- Cassius graduates to advanced training and certification for Urban, Wilderness, and Water Search and Rescue in New York City

Cassius at 6 months....
NorthWest K9's Cassius is a beautifully structured black and tan male German Shepherd Dog 6 months of age. Currently at 65 pounds, with his substantial bone and masculine type, he is expected to mature into an adult of impressive movement and substance. Preliminary hip radiographs clear.

Showing strongly in early foundation program evaluations and training. Cassius possesses high play and prey, with strong socialness, confidence, and rebound.
Demonstrating drive for the tug....

Walking down escalator steps....
Environmentally sure with a variety of surfaces, terrain, heights, and noises. Cassius is a confident climber and explorer. He possesses an impressive rebound/investigational confidence when exposed to novel stimuli.

A natural swimmer, Cassius loves to play and retrieve in water and is an enthusiastic retriever both on the surface and for submerged objects.
Retrieving his bumper from the lake....

He applies his high prey and play drives to enthusiastic ball, toy, and tug play, showing facility to the commands watch it/take it.

Highly social in public, at ease with people of all ages and genders. Developing home and property guardianship, giving voice when warranted.

Foundation obedience focus....
Foundation obedience to the commands sitz, platz, hier, heel, crate/wait/come out, leave it, give, brings, watch it/take it, giblaut, such, go find.

Cassius shows neutrality to a wide variety of environmental conditions both daytime and nighttime, including water standing and moving; metal surfaces; slick floors; fireworks, gunfire, thunder/lightning; heavy urban traffic; industrial equipment, including pneumatic and hydraulic; open stairways; elevators; wilderness forest and brush; retail/commercial locations.
Exploring the rock pile....

Working nighttime urban track....
Beginning master footstep tracking on grass shows a methodical approach to the track with a readiness for problem solving. Cassius is showing very strongly in his wilderness master runaway mantrailing on challenging terrain, showing a ready facility for transitioning between ground tracking, trailing, and air scenting to diligently work the scent and achieve a successful find.

He is fully crate-trained, travels effortlessly in the vehicle, and settles well in the home. Neutral to collar and harness.
Playing on the swinging suspension bridge....

Showing his lively obedience...
Cassius is a self-right, intelligent, young dog with lively, resilient character and overall temperament to the breed standard.

Cassius is a demonstrably affectionate adolescent who initiates full body contact and takes readily to physical handling and management.
Relaxing after wilderness mantrailing....

Launching his "hup" on the beginner's obstacle course....
A beautiful youngster showing impressive overall confidence and environmental sureness, high trainability, and promising potential for service training and performance.

Preliminary Trait/Drive Summary

Rev. 08/27/02

Prey - - - - |
Play - - - - |
Food - - - | -
Hunt - - - | -
Retrieve - - - | -
Biddability - - - | -
Ball/Toy - - - | -
Tug Play - - - - |
Object Guarding - - | - -
Food Guarding - | - - -
Socialness - - - | -
Child friendly - - - - |
Ability to settle - - - | -
Dog friendly - - - | -
Suspicion - - | - -
Rebound/Resilience - - - - |
Handler Focus - - - | -
Independence - - - | -
Variable noise threshold - - - - |
Variable height threshold - - - - |
Variable surface threshold - - - - |
Agileness - - - | -
Athleticism - - - | -


This candidate has completed the following phases of NorthWest K9 Program Competency:

Basics Social Environ Travel Drive I Drive II Obed I Obed II Scentwork I Scentwork II Agility I Agility II


This candidate shows potential for advanced training in:

K9 Patrol SAR (W/U/D/H2O) Competition/Sport


This candidate is best suited for individuals with training and handling experience level:

Beginning Intermediate Advanced


-- PLACED --

PHOTO GALLERY I for NorthWest K9's Cassius (click on thumbnail to view full-size photo)

(See additional photos in Cassius Photo Gallery II)

Beginning footstep tracking...

Strolling through
downtown Seattle traffic...

Going into the elevator...

Arriving at our floor...

Exiting the elevator...

Touring the hospital...

Walking up the
escalator steps....

Walking down the
escalator steps...

Leading exploration of
underground garage...

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